Gotye, Oct. 3 Setlist and Photos

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Photos by Steve Lowry, Ryman Archives


  1. Making Mirrors
  2. The Only Way
  3. What Do You Want?
  4. Easy Way Out
  5. Eyes Wide Open
  6. Smoke and Mirrors
  7. State of the Art
  8. Thanks for Your Time
  9. Dig Your Own Hole
  10. The Only Thing I Know
  11. Night Drive
  12. Giving Me a Chance
  13. Bronte
  14. Somebody That I Used to Know
    (with Missy Higgins)
  15. Save Me
  16. Heart’s a Mess
  17. Seven Hours With a Backseat Driver
  18. I Feel Better
  19. Learnalilgivinanlovin

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